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What is Google Ads? How can it help your business?

When it comes to getting more leads quickly, paid advertising emerges as a reliable online marketing approach. Google Ads, formerly known as Google AdWords, is a form of pay per click (PPC) advertising strategy you can trust. This tactic is used for marketing websites to the audience through keyword research. When you use this strategy, your ad will be visible on search engines whenever someone searches for selective keywords. Every time the user clicks on the ad, you will need to pay a fee to Google. It is noteworthy that the fee will surely be charged, whether the click translates into a sale or not.

Why should you use Google Ads as a part of your digital marketing strategy?

Over the years, Google Ads has come up as the most sophisticated and reliable platform for paid searches. It allows marketers to set up a daily budget for the campaigns and choose bids for each keyword and ad group. Other features that are included in the campaign settings are location settings, ad schedules, and mobile device settings. There are many reasons why you should embrace Google Ads as a part of your digital marketing strategy.

  • Promote your business beyond Google search such as other Google products, display networks, and partner websites
  • Results start becoming visible within a minimal time span immediately after creating an ad campaign
  • Enables you to tweak ads anytime for reaching a specific group of people or promoting a specific product or service
  • Empowers you to target multiple keywords simultaneously for getting the best results with campaigns
  • Lets you position your Google Ads right on the top faster by using certain conditions
  • Facilitates editing of Ads, Ad Groups, keywords, and budget anytime and view the resultant changes within minutes
  • Offers flexibility with no minimum spending limit for ads and lets you choose or edit your budget anytime
  • Renders amazing ease in calculation of Returns on Investments (ROI) so that you may alter the budget accordingly


Remarketing refers to Google PPC service which has the potential to increase your conversion rates considerably while cutting the cost per conversions into half.

By investing in marketing, you aim to drive the targeted audience to your website for ultimately converting them to make a sale. However, prospects tend to get distracted and there are always chances of abandoning your site without completing a purchase. When they are back online later to find you once again, they are often unable to recall where they first saw you as there are countless websites and competing businesses to choose from.

This is where Google Ads Remarketing can help.

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Once we set up your Google Ads campaign and link it to billing, you website can appear on #1 page on the very same day.

SEO is a long term tactic that involves consolidating your online presence to achieve higher ranking on online search and fetch referral traffic. Google Ads bring traffic at a fast speed and is a paid strategy unlike SEO. However, you only pay when the users click on your ads.

Yes, it is! As your Google Ads partner, we ensure that all your campaign spends are qualified. At Techyonix, we specialize in creating and managing campaigns with unmatched accuracy.

Google connects millions of websites, apps and videos where your ads may be seen. Essentially, sites within this network show relevant ads. This is made possible with Google’s smart technology that enables matching of your ads with websites, apps and videos automatically by matching keywords that relate to the site’s content.

Conversion tracker refers to a script that we generate and add to your site for knowing the keywords that bring leads and sales.

Yes, we make use of Google’s display network to make your ads appear on YouTube, the most popular video sharing platform.

When your site appears on the leading authoritative websites in your domain, it is obviously seen by the potential customers. This boosts your chances of getting qualified traffic and closing more leads for your business. Additionally, your brand gets instant credibility and trust of the audience.

At Techyonix, we determine Google Ads budgets after understanding your business goals and researching on keywords, target audience, and your product or service. You can select a daily budget and also decide when you may want to stop spending.

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