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Social Media Management

Managing your brand’s image across social networks is an ongoing process that takes commitment, every day, every week, and every month. It is something that every business owner may not be able to handle, which is the reason why you can trust us. We offer reliable and expert services that help you manage your social networks effectively and consistently. Let us handle the work for you and you can focus your time on other aspects of running your business.

Comprehensive social media strategy for brands
Posts that drive extensive reach and engagement
Social scheduling and timeline graphics
Social media monitoring and reporting
Brand outreach, awareness and growth

Content Curation

The secret to unlocking the growth potential of social media is in knowing what content engages the audience. However, this requires a great deal of time and research. Our expertise and experience with social media services makes us capable of understanding your audience and knowing the kind of content that connects with them. Whether it is blog posts, news articles or infographics, we specialize in content curation with all types of content.

Professional content with high engagement value
Content design, styling and branding
Promotion and awareness with content
Relevant topic choice that attracts the audience
Identification of key industry influencers

Social Engagement

Posting on social media platforms is just half the work done, the real impact comes by showcasing content that has the potential to engage your audience. Since we have worked with clients across diverse verticals, we understand the audience really well and know what resonates with them. While our experts create posts that drive engagement, they also use hashtags to ensure that these posts are visible to the right audience in the right places.

Creating and sharing valuable content and posts
Driving likes, shares and follows for greater reach
Bringing comments and click-throughs for posts
Enabling proactive and reactive engagement
Facilitating cross-platform engagement

Growth & Branding

Growing your audience across social media is a time-taking process and you cannot expect to do it overnight. With our proven strategies and best practices, Techyonix speeds up growth and branding so that you may witness results faster than you expect. Beyond just getting likes, followers, impressions and conversions for your brand, we focus on building trust, credibility and relationships with the audience.

Establish your brand’s identity on social media
Maintain consistency across entire channels
Create a tone of voice and brand image
Deliver the right mix of content and visuals
Focus on long-term relationships and trust

Techyonix offers solutions that are customized to meet your requirements.

Understanding your needs and goals is important to us. We listen and collaborate with clients to create a unique experience.

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